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Surgery and Anesthesia

A successful surgery for your pet starts the moment they walk through the door. Your pet can sense when you feel comfortable and they feel confident too! That is why we strive to help our clients make the best-informed decisions. Our well-trained staff will review your pet’s procedure and ensure all your questions are answered.

After intake, your pet’s Certified Veterinary Technician will bring them to our pet condos and reviews their medical case with your doctor. Prior to surgery, your pet’s doctor performs a presurgical exam that is placed into their electronic medical records. Some of these notes include their physical exam findings, concerns brought up at intake, and instructions on your pet’s anesthetic protocols. These findings can be used at a later date to ensure the safety and success of future procedures.

Your pet is monitored closely throughout their surgery. Our Certified Veterinary Technicians record your pet’s heart rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature to provide the safest outcome. Our heated surgery table and warm water blankets ensure your pet stays comfortable by maintaining their body temperature. Just like a human doctor, your Veterinarian puts on a hair and face mask and scrubs in to surgery. They then put on a sterilized gown and gloves to prevent the spread of germs. Because of our sterile surgery protocols, your pet will not require antibiotics to take home on routine procedures.

We firmly believe in using all resources available to make sure your pet will have a swift and pain free recovery. This process starts before your pet even starts surgery. Our medical team uses local blocks on your pet’s surgery site to prevent pain before it happens! We perform laser therapy treatments on your pet during their hospital stay to expedite healing. We will provide your pet with pain medications to ensure they are recovering well at home too. If your pet has a procedure that requires physical therapy, the medical team and our trained physical rehab specialist will have a personalized program set for your pet’s swift recovery.

If you pet requires microchipping or vaccinations, we perform these while they are under general anesthesia. We also trim their nails and clean their ears. These are the small ways we can make a stress-free visit for them!

Below are some commonly asked surgery and anesthesia questions. Please feel free to call and talk to our team about any concerns. We are here to help!


  • Depending on your pet’s procedure they may be able to go home the day of surgery, or they may require an overnight stay. If you pet has an invasive procedure we will want to keep them overnight to monitor their vitals, and ensure they are not feeling any pain.

  • We do surgeries Tuesday through Thursday.
  • We ask that you take away their food by 9 pm the night before surgery, but they can have water.
  • Do not feed them breakfast in the morning but continue to offer water.
  • We can also set up special drop off or pickup days to accommodate your work schedule.
Info Before Surgery