Orthopedic procedures for all of your pet’s lameness and pain including

  1. MMP TTA for cranial cruciate (knee) disease
  2. RidgeStop for luxating patella (knee cap) disease
  3. SOP fracture repair for broken bones
  4. Dog and cat rehabilitation for sore muscles, backs and joints

Dr. Corale Dorn, owner of Dells Veterinary Services in Dell Rapids, SD, grew up as a second-generation veterinarian in South Dakota. She has dedicated her life to helping both her large and small animal patients.

As she has worked in the field, Dr. Dorn has come to realize that some pet parents may have limited resources to have orthopedic procedures performed by referral hospitals that can be hours away. Due to this, she has dedicated her time to becoming certified in many orthopedic procedures. Please click below to learn more about some of the surgeries she performs.