Ridgestop for Luxating Patella (Kneecap) Disease


A luxating patella (a knee cap that moves out of place), can be a painful and frightening problem for dogs.  It is more common in the smaller breeds of dogs, but it can happen to any dog.  The most common underlying problem is that they have bones in their hind legs that from birth was shaped to pull the knee cap “off center” in the knee or the knee is simply not deep enough to hold the knee cap in place.  The knee cap “pops” out of place and can cause the dog to scream and not want to walk on the leg.  In less severe cases, they can kick the leg until the knee cap pops back in.  But over time, the recurrent damage from this migrating knee cap can lead to arthritis and other problems in the knee.   We use an implant called RidgeStop along with any re-alignment of bone that is needed to put the knee cap back in its normal path so it is pain free and your pet can enjoy running for years to come.


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