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Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technicians are vital to our team. They work with the Director of Medicine, who oversees our medical services and quality to deliver the best animal care to our clients. Technicians assist our medical team in achieving high quality medicine for our growing community by strict compliance of hospital policy. This position allows you contribute to excellent care of the pets in our area! We expect all team mates follow company policy, so our clinic can expand and help more of our patients.

A Full time veterinary technician will work 40-45 hours per week.  Technicians work four 10-hour days, 7:45am -5:45pm with one set day off a week. One out of 6 Saturdays is scheduled for 7:45am-12:30pm.   Technicians are not scheduled for emergency or after hour treatments.

We need a new veterinary technician because we are growing. Veterinary Technicians are challenged to keep efficient in assisting a busy three doctor practice, while adapting to a variety of medical situations. Individuals who adapt quickly to a variety of situations using written protocols will thrive in this environment. Some of the expectations of a veterinary technician are listed below:

  • Promote client education and preventive medicine policies during all interactions with the client.
  • Provide restraint of pets for examination and treatment by veterinarian.
  • Enter charges for the veterinarian after exams and procedures.
  • Prepare for office hours by stocking drawers and refrigerators in exam rooms and treatment area and assuring that drugs and equipment are ready before appointments and procedures.
  • Help the doctor treat patients; assist in medical or surgical procedures such as irrigating wounds, medication, cleansing wounds, and bandaging. Perform the full range of “table-side” assistance to the practitioners.
  • Be able to identify routine behavior problems in companion animals. Offer basic advice and identify larger behavioral issues for veterinarians or behavioral consults.
  • Admit and discharge patients on the doctor’s orders, being especially careful to ensure that patients being discharged are well-groomed and in a medically appropriate state.
  • Answer client questions one-on-one on various aspects of animal care up to, but not including, controversial items and/or those best left to the veterinarians. Pass on information/advice from the practitioners; explain dosage/purpose of medications; reinforce through discussion the proper care and procedures that should be followed at home.
  • Call back/follow-up with clients concerning certain patients; recommend additional visits if patient’s progress does not appear satisfactory.
  • Help doctor administer anesthetics; prepare patients for surgery; monitor patients during surgery and recovery; assist in surgery; administer fluids; perform support therapy to patients in surgery and post-op; remove and ready next patient.
  • Properly clean, pack and autoclave all surgical materials after they are used. Keep the operating room properly stocked, sterilized, and prepared for surgery.
  • Spearhead dental health for companion animals. Perform dental exams.  Educate clients about dental health.  Perform routine dental procedures under supervision of a veterinarian.  Identify dental problems that warrant further veterinary care or extraction.
  • Monitor patient’s progress in clinic by recording patient weights and temperatures, recording observations on patient status such as dehydration status, nature and amount of vomitus, bowel movements, and urinations. Start and maintain IV fluid therapy on companion animals and neonatal calves.
  • Prepare medications (both injections and dispensed medications) for both outpatients and inpatients. Maintain an appropriate inventory of all supplies as dictated by the inventory control system. Inform office manager as needed about items that need to be ordered. Check expiration dates, rotate stock and store.  Keep abreast of over-the-counter products and their usage such as flea control and skin products, vitamins, and pet foods.  Also understand usage and recommendations for such prescription drugs as heartworm preventative and prescription flea control products.
  • Perform clinical laboratory procedures such as fecal flotation exams, heartworm checks, ear cytology, urinalysis, cultures, and draw and run blood for laboratory analysis. Prepare samples for shipment to laboratory and prepare laboratory forms.  Perform a variety of SNAP Elisa tests in house.  Maintain file of lab test results and ensure patient records have test results recorded in them.
  • Take and process all radiographs. Comply with OSHA standards during all procedures at the hospital.
  • Opportunity exists for technicians showing interest and competency to assist with vaccination and procedures in the clinic on cattle.
  • Assist kennel personnel in keeping patients clean and dry.
  • Assist the receptionists when necessary and assume their duties during their absence.

We seek courteous, enthusiastic, motivated, team members with strong communication skills. Team members should be willing to learn and contribute to success within the clinic.

All team members are reviewed on a weekly basis by our Director of Administration, and by the clinic owner on a yearly basis. We believe strongly in supporting you reaching your goals. Our Director of Administration will help you to hit your weekly goals as set by weekly team meetings, and on your own personal standards. The company owner reviews your progress and does an annual review. Opportunities can present themselves for those that show they are goal driven through statistical analysis.

Certification is preferred but not required. An associate degree in either Veterinary Technology or Animal Science is necessary. If you lack clinical experience we are willing and eager to train the right person into this position! A four-level training sequence is laid out for employees by our Director of Administration. A review is conducted with each training level to ensure all questions are answered.

Compensation can vary due to experience and contributions to the clinic, but starting wage is 10-13$ per hour. Employees receive a uniform and CE allowance, benefits package, pet discounts, and up to a 3% match on a simple IRA. Interested candidates should forward your cover letter, resume, and the job application to our careers page. Click below to start your application process today.

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