SOP Fracture Repair for Broken Bones


If your pet has broken their leg, we offer after hour emergency services, x-rays and a plan to manage the pain. Then we work with you to decide what the best way to fix that broken bone will be.  SOP interlocking plate system was designed for use in both human and veterinary bone surgeries.  The metal plates are like other plates in that they are placed under the skin and  help hold the fractured bone in place while the body heals the broken bone.  However, this plating system is unique in that the “pearls” that hold the screw to the plate can be shaped uniquely to your pet’s bone.  This allows us to provide more stability to the leg while not interfering in the healing process.  We use a standard fracture scoring plan to decide what is the best fix for the type of broken bone your pet has.    If we can use something like a cast or a splint, we choose that option.  But if your pet has special needs to heal because of their type of broken bone, this system allows us to get dogs and cats back to full movement faster with fewer risks of complications.

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