Dells Veterinary Services – Delivered with Courtesy and Respect!

We at Dells Veterinary Services strive to treat out clients like our family.

We want your visit to Dells Veterinary Services to be the best veterinary experience you ever had! We’re all animal lovers here and we work hard to create a warm, inviting and comfortable environment for you and your pet.

When you check in with our front desk you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly and courteous team members. A member of our medical staff will meet you when you enter the lobby and a certified technician will bring you to an examination room where we’ll ask a few questions and measure your pet’s vital signs – just like when you go for a visit to your doctor!

A Dells Veterinary Services veterinarian will then meet you and your pet and spend some time talking with you to address your concerns, recommend additional diagnostic testing if needed, and create your pet’s individual care plan.

If additional testing is needed, Dells Veterinary Services is a modern facility with state of the art diagnostic equipment and an in-house laboratory, so most tests can be performed here. We can have results from your pets bloodwork and urinalysis before you walk out the door so you don’t have to wait at home for an answer.