Dog Is Your Pet Healthy? Here’s How to Find Out


Your pet looks healthy to you.

Your pet passes the physical examination with flying colors. 

Your pet has all the necessary vaccines.

Your pet is on all the necessary heartworm, flea and tick preventatives.

But is your pet healthy?

The short answer is…maybe. Why just maybe you ask?

Because without finding out what’s going on inside, as veterinarians, we just don’t know.

You see a physical examination can only tell us so much about your pet’s health. The problem is…many serious conditions such as early kidney disease and diabetes don’t present themselves in a physical examination.

That’s why fecals (poop testing) are critically important in early detection and prevention of disease.

Here’s some good news…even if your pet has already been in for a preventive exam, you don’t have to wait until next year to get their fecal test done.

Here’s the even better news… during December, you’ll receive a free fecal test when you bring your pet in for a check-up!

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